DOP Friuli Isonzo Chardonnay

DOP Friuli Isonzo Chardonnay
Stony gravel plain with reddish clay rich in iron oxide and aluminium. Well ventilated site, dry, not warm.

100% Chardonnay

Training system

Pest control
Low environmental impact integrated pest management

Harvest period

The grapes are gently destemmed and lightly crushed. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled steel tanks (15/18°C).

After fermentation, the wine settles on the lees in stainless steel tanks for ten months. Bottled wine is aged in temperature-controlled binning cellars.

Tasting Notes

Annata 2016     |     Alcool 14.5% vol

Sharpness and brightness for a straw yellow color with bright lemon and green reflections fascinating the observer, without distracting him from scents of rare elegance and delicate intensity tones.

Intense from the beginning with clear signs of exotic fruits (pineapple, banana, with just a bit of mango and passion fruit), gently smoked background with distant memories of aromatic herbs (mints and marjoram) and hazelnut to give sinuous complexity.

Good structured wine, warm, still young with fresh, sourish and savoury notes well-balanced. Persuasive finish and great balance still based on freshness.

Serving suggestions
Ideal with noble baked fish or with sauces, crustaceans “busara”, delicious fish starters with fragrant maritime taste.

Serving temperature
Best to serve at 12°C with better expressiveness at 15°C. Aeration after uncorking to reach 15° C suggested.

Annata 2015     |     Alcool 13.5% vol

Clear, bright yellow.

Very delicate sweet floral notes (hawthorn with tenuous fragrance of linden flowers) and white pulp fruits (Abate pear variety) notes as well as juicy tropical fruits aromas. At the end a hint of savoury herbs (thyme and fennel)

Good structure and smooth on the palate, fresh and savoury notes. Very elegant finish.

Serving suggestions
Ideal for main courses of fish, vegetables and  white meat dishes. Works well with fresh cheeses. Best to serve at 12°C.


vintage 2016

92 pt

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