Cabernet Franc

IGP Venezia Giulia

IGP Venezia Giulia

Residual sugar

Dry and windy site on a stony gravel plain with reddish clay rich in iron oxide and aluminium.

100% Cabernet Franc from old vineyards.

Training system
Double arched cane

Pest control
Low environmental impact integrated pest management.

Harvest period
Late September

The grapes are gently destemmed and lightly crushed. Fermentation takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. Frequent pumping over is carried out for a period of about three weeks, in order to extract color and aromas from the skins. The racking then takes place. The racking then takes place.

The wine ages for 18 months. It is then bottled and aged in thermo-conditioned rooms.

Tasting Notes

Vintage 2018     |    Alcohol 13.50% vol

Wine with a fascinating ruby red color with reflections tending to purple, of great brightness. Excellent clarity, transparency and chromatic intensity.

The fruity component (cherry and blackberry) is well blended with vegetal (freshly cut grass) and spicy (green pepper) scents, a classic expression of the grape.

Upon tasting, it enters the mouth decisively with a good softness on the palate, but with equally pleasant tannic, fresh and savory sensations correctly expressed. The evolution in the glass is very interesting to re-propose aromatic hints already highlighted on the nose, but with a more mature imprint (cherry compote) and an elusive “nuance” of smoked. Excellent tactile and retro olfactory persistence.

Serving suggestions
First courses with well-structured seasonings (including game); second courses of sheep meat, but also more demanding (game). Alternatively, it is also excellent with second courses of beef.

Serving temperature
To be offered, in a heated environment, at 14 ° C. Its oxygenation after uncorking is recommended.

Vintage 2016     |     Alcool 11.50% vol

Ruby red with purple moderate intensity, day bright and medium clear.

Subtle herbaceous, fruity, spicy (Pepper), fresh, savory, fine and powerful.

With good body, convincing for its nose-palate correspondence, its freshness, distinctive. Pleasant drink, fluent  awesome betrayer.

Serving suggestions
To drink without fear (declared 11,5% vol), first courses with pork meat (even slightly fat) pair well (for example Pasta with fresh salami sauce). Remarkable with Pasta Amatriciana.

Serving temperature
Taste wine at 15°C. Recommended aeration after uncorking.

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