DOP Friuli Isonzo Friulano

Friulano, from old vineyards

DOP Friuli Isonzo

Residual sugar

Stony gravel plain with reddish clay rich in iron oxide and aluminium.

100% Friulano

Training system
Double arched cane

Pest control
Low environmental impact integrated pest management

Harvest period

The grapes are gently destemmed and lightly crushed. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled steel tanks (15/18°C).

After fermentation, the wine settles on the lees in stainless steel tanks for ten months. Bottled wine is aged in temperature-controlled binning cellars

Tasting notes

Vintage 2018     |     Alcohol 13.00% vol

The wine has a silky texture on the eyes, with a pale yellow colour and green highlights enriched by a remarkable brightness.

At first, the perfume are very delicate, than become firmer, they get more complexity and reflect the specific scent from the “Friulano vines”: wild flowers, thyme, yeast, unriped apple and pear; there’s also a very soft apricot and honey with a citrusy finish.

Very firm in the mouth, fresh and savoury, with smooth texture. The olfactory notes are the same as the palate, with a long finish after swallowing the wine.

Serving suggestions
Very good match with prosciutto, even better if it has some fat, good also with heavy first courses.

Serving temperature
To be served at 12°C., to be left in the glass and tasted at 14-15°C.

Vintage 2017     |     Alcohol 12.00% vol

Young and delicate at first glance: donating lemon and straw yellow nuances, bright and clear.

Young wine confirmed by fruity aroma (apple, pear in maturation process and also unroasted almond and apricot), herbaceous and delicate balsamicity.

Firm, savoury, but fresh in the mouth. Denotes excellent structure and correct balance, the key of all great wines.

Serving suggestions
Elegant, precise, typical wine, to be combined with cured meats (primarily raw ham “prosciutto crudo”- look for it with its freshly rosy white fat band), first courses of good intensity (Milanese risotto) mitigating its sweet tendency, fatness / greasiness and spiciness.

Vintage 2016     |     Alcohol 13.00% vol

Gentle lemon yellow with greenish reflections. Very bright and clear.

Intense, tasteful and elegant, with hints of wild flowers and white ripening fruits (apple and pear), expresses slight aromas of apricot, leaving proper almond notes. Aeration and temperature rise implement the complexity, giving delicate scents of honey and yellow peach, accompanied by mineral notes melting with the good structure of the wine.

Fresh and refined, generous body and balance, it develops typical almond notes from his grapes and soil. Persistent, feelings of soft harmony. Pleasing and convincing correspondence between nose and palate.

Serving suggestions
Ideal with San Daniele ham and salami, delicious with asparagus and all spring herbs omelet eggs or risotto. Very good matched with pork sauce pasta. Best to serve at 12°C with better expressiveness at 15°C if properly aerated.



Vintage 2015     |     Alcohol 13.50% vol

Bright straw yellow with delicate and attractive greenish reflections. Very bright and clear.

Opens gradually with yeasts notes and typical varietal aromas of wildflowers and hawthorn blossom, followed by unripe apple and pear notes, more intense but elegant notes of browned almond and honey.

Fresh and tangy, generous body and balance, it develops the typical almond notes. Persistent, feelings of soft harmony.

Serving suggestions
Ideal with San Daniele ham and salami, with asparagus and spring herbs in omelet eggs or risotto. Very good with shellfish. Best to serve at 12°C.


5 Star Wine 87/100 

Vintage 2014     |     Alcohol 13.50% vol

Mid-depth straw yellow with very bright reflections

Delicate apple fruit with a hint of almond and herbs and a touch of vanilla. Fresh and elegant with soft round aromas which reappear on the palate.

Fresh and bone dry, with good structure for the vintage and a mid-length tangy finish.

Serving suggestions
Ideal with Parma ham and lightly seasoned  fish dishes. Serve at 12-13°C to best appreciate the unique character of the wine.

Vintage 2013     |     Alcohol 13.50% vol

Bright straw yellow with attractive greenish reflections

Opens gradually with typical varietal aromas followed by more intense but elegant and well-defined notes of fruit and aromatic herbs (absinthe).

Fresh and tangy, with generous body. Refreshing citrus development on the palate and a long, concentrated finish with a delicate return of the keynote aromas.

Serving suggestions
Ideal with salami, hams and light first courses. Best to serve at 12°C.


vintage 2015

87 pt

vintage 2016

90 pt

Diploma di merito

93 pt

91 pt

vintage 2017

vintage 2018

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