DOP Friuli Isonzo Pinot Grigio

DOP Friuli Isonzo Pinot Grigio

Residual sugar

Stony gravel plain with reddish clay rich in iron oxide and aluminium. Well ventilated site, dry, not warm.

100% Grey Pinot

Training system

Pest control
Low environmental impact integrated pest management

Harvest period
Early September

The grapes are gently destemmed and lightly crushed. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled steel tanks (15/18°C).

After fermentation, the wine settles on the lees in stainless steel tanks for ten months. Bottled wine is aged in temperature-controlled binning cellars.

Tasting notes

Annata 2018      |     Alcool 13.00% vol

Yellow with copper notes show the real origin of the vines

On the nose
On the nose we have ripe apple and pear notes with wild and yellow flowers, wich end with an elegant balsamic/minty note wich become more intense with time

On the palate
Very firm on the palate, very similar structure to a Pinot noir, with an appropriate and long sapidity, followed by a delicate and pleasant end

Works very well with well structured fish dishes or white meat dishes.

Serving temperature
Better to be drunk at 14° C., better to be served at 12° C.

Annata 2017      |     Alcool 12.50% vol

Powerful straw yellow colour with coppery reflections as corollary of perfect brilliance and clearness.

Pleasant fresh fruit fragrance (Abate pear and apple), spices (pink pepper) and delicate minerality (flint) that with aeration recall a widespread feeling of herbs (Melissa), grated lemon rind and extremely delicate white flowers

The sip, at first soft and then unquestionably fresh-tasty, stimulates, almost forces us to hesitate searching the aromatic tones that slowly express themselves similarly to what the nose perceives.

Serving suggestions
Excellent with food / dishes where the unctuousity or greasiness are discreetly present; for first courses, “Fettuccine” with salami-ra- gout with a bit of tomato, for the main course also with properly structured white meat (maybe chicken with peppers?)

Serving temperature
To serve at 12°C with the greatest expressiveness at 14-15°C (suggested 12°C when serving with right aeration reaching 15°C).

Annata 2016      |     Alcool 13.50% vol

Delicate coppery nuances on a straw yellow background give brightness, clarity and fascinating liveliness.

Intense with fruity aroma (unripe apple and exotic fruits), pale floral background (broom, linden) and balsamic taste of aromatic herbs.

Correct structure with interesting perceptible results played on the rightly balanced freshness and flavours of wine still to develop. Finish gentle and pleasantly bitter.

Serving suggestions
Excellent with pasta dishes flavoured with medium structured sauces (fish or white meats); pairing perfectly with cold cuts and fresh aromatic cheeses. Gratifying with fish and properly garnished white meats.

Serving temperature
To serve at 12°C with best expressiveness at 14-15°C (suggested 12°C when serving with right aeration reaching 15°C).


75 – 79,9 IWSC Bronze 2018

88,00 – 89,99 The Wine Hunter

Annata 2015      |     Alcool 13.00% vol

Straw yellow with light copper/gold reflections. Great limpidness and brightness.

Good intensity with fruity (first exotic and then pear fruit) and floreal (jasmine) notes. Reminiscents of chalk, brackish and slightly smoked.

Good body, appreciated for intensity, confirming strong and pleasant aftertaste.

Serving suggestions
Recommended with tasty dishes, not too salty. Ideal for starters with shell sh,  sh main dishes or fresh cheese. To be served fresh, not cold at 14°C.

Annata 2014      |     Alcool 12.50% vol

Straw yellow with light copper/gold reflections.

Good intensity with fruity notes, but also gently  oral (grape and hawthorn blossom).

On the palate the wine surprises for mineral intensity, dissolved by a good structure. It has a good freshness and minerality. Good tasty persistence.

Serving suggestions
Ideal with shellfish and mollusc, baked white fishes with potatoes or vegetables. Best to serve at 12°C.


vintage 2016

91 pt

75-79.99/100 pt

95 pt

88-89.99/100 pt

92 pt

vintage 2017

87 pt

Gold Medal

92 pt.

vintage 2018

92 pt

95 pt

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