DOP Friuli Isonzo Merlot

D.O.P. Friuli Isonzo

Residual sugar

Dry and windy site on a stony gravel plain with reddish clay rich in iron oxide and aluminium.

100 % Merlot.

Training system

Pest control
Low environmental impact integrated pest management

Harvest period
Late September

The grapes are carefully destemmed and lightly crushed. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with frequent pumping over a period of about three weeks, to extract pigments and aroma from the grape skins. Then follows racking.

The wine ages for eighteen months. The bottled wine is left to rest in thermo-conditioned rooms.

Tasting Notes

Annata 2017     |     Alcool 12.0% vol

Brilliance and clearness of this wine well expressed as a corollary of an intensive Ruby red with purple highlights.

The visual notes, of this young wine, are confirmed by hints of fresh fruit (small fruits especially red-rasp- berry, cherry), with delicate notes of freshly cut grass and streams of transparent spiciness (green and white pepper).

Tasting denotes a good correspondence with nose, confirming the fruitiness (raspberry and cherry with addition of plum ashes red Amolo). Fresh wine, well managed tannins, adequate structure and beautiful persistence. Suggesting a correct aeration of this wine, we denote already the excellent drink.

Serving suggestions
Although dedicated to meat dishes of farmyard animals or beef but also horse meat, it is a wine for the whole meal.

Serving temperature
To be served in a warm environment, at 16-17°C. Recommended aeration after uncorking.

Annata 2015     |     Alcool 13.5% vol

Crystal clear and bright in an elegant ruby red finish with vivid borders and natural transparencies.

Intense notes of red and black fruit flavours are dominating (raspberry, plum, blackberry) which perfectly complement the balsamic scents of the ageing woods.

With good structure, fruity, convincing for its nose-palate correspondence, its full body and discreetly fine tannin level that gives it life. Although still evolving, already extremely enjoyable.

Serving suggestions
Recommended serving with red meat or medium mature flavourful cheeses.

Serving temperature
To be served in a warm environment, at 16-17°C. Recommended aeration after uncorking.

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